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An 'object' is anything on the edit-bar that has a distinct position of its own. Ornaments and the like are directly connected to a note and have no distinct position of their own.




    hard bar lines

    Prima volta

To alter the position of an object use the buttons object6.jpg or more convenient <alt-object.jpg>, <alt-object1.jpg> <alt-object2.jpg> <alt-object3.jpg> while the cursor is pointing at the text to move the text-object in any direction


An object may be moved to the left and right (and exchange neighboring position) using object7.jpg or <ctrl-alt-object4.jpg> and <ctrl-alt-object5.jpg>.


Objects that have a parameter (like text-size) can be altered (resized) using object8.jpg or <ctrl-+> or <ctrl-->


Use the context menu of an object for more information depending on the objects properties.