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These are the release notes for version 4.0 of MusiCAD for Windows.


Please do not apply for a license unless you are satisfied with the software as it functions right now; it is not possible to get a refund after receiving a license string... However, please do inform us about any anomalies you may experience and note that you will be using MusiCAD 4 at your own risk (just like any other program...)



This product comes without any warranty, expressed or implied,

and does not state any fitness for use for any purpose at all.



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4.0 (build 712)

    UTF8 used for diacritics and other alphabets (greek, russian etc.)

    Full screen mode possible <F11>

    Templates boundable to shortcuts (scaling with <ctrl-+> and <ctrl-->)

    German selectable as interface language

    Piano roll display enhanced with buttons to change key, meter and tempo. MIDI-file name is used as default instead of song-title.

    More slurs and other items from the line menu per line possible.

    Language dependant website-help handled more efficiently.

    Disabled cancel button in registration form during installation to prevent erroneous installations.

    Non-active parts are displayed with different color

    added piano roll display for MIDI import.

    English help text enhanced

    Command line options enhanced

    Heaps of smaller changes.


3.1 (build 626)

    [Help|Forum] and [Help|Wiki] point to corresponding-language sites.

    Automatic lyrics alignment: long lyrics will cause notes to shift to right.

    Live midi record possible during edit (select [Options|Edit setup| Live midi]).

    Page-break problems fixed.

    Clef key and meter positions adjusted.

    MIDI-import and export enhanced.

    Windows Vista related problems solved (HTML-help, mixer).

    Width of slurs and ties adjustable.

    Internet activation updated.

    More robust font handling in GhostScript.

    Backslash commands skipped in abc-files.

    tuning vs mode corrected.

    MIDI-event handling updated.

    Fingering location now part-dependant.

    corrections for chord symbols Asus and Esus no longer shows Ab tr sus resp. Eb tr sus.

    initial bar line visible in chord scheme.

    JPG-files useable; easy location of images in headers/footers.

    suppressed rest-only lines in combination with more parts on one line handled.

    staff grouping using both braces and curly braces handled.

    Score templates extended/enhanced.

    Multi-rest-location updated.

    Chord diagrams added.

    Music-font-handling changed having lots of implications.

    Page-up/Page-Down use enhanced.

    !param! in abc-files taken care of.

    CMaj chord symbol no longer displayed as CMM7.

    Combination of (curly) braces within a score, multiple voices of a staff and rest-staff reduction enhanced.

    score overview enhanced.

    Chord wizard added.

    Fermate useable with articulation signs like tremolo.

    Ghostscript re-enabled as main way of printing.

Release Notes