A text block may be used in a melody to provide lyrics or other text-information.


Click on an existing text block to edit the onderlying text.



If no text block exists yet you'll be asked wheter to create one.


The corresponding text file will be embedded within the MusiCAD file.


A textbock may contain a few formatting add-ons:

' italics' '

text between two quotes will display italics

' ' 'bold' ' '

text between two quotes will display bold


chord symbol within text block


hard page break


conditional page break


simple column divider splitting page in two - equivalent to [1:2]


advanced column divider. Use [1:3] en [2:3] to obtain three columns



     Y si [C]Adelita se [G7]fuera con [C]otro[:]Y si a caso yo muero en la guerra

     la segui[F]ría por tierra y por [G]mar[:]Y si en la sierra me van a sepultar

     si por mar en un buque de [C]guerra[:]Adelita, por Dios te lo ruego

     si por [G7]tierra en un tren mili[C]tar.[:]Que no vayas por mi a llorar.


        Y si Ade[G7]lita quisiera ser mi es[C]posa

        y si Ade[G7]lita fuera mi mu[C]jer

        le compraría un ves[C7]tido de [F]seda

        para lle[C]var la a bai[G7]lar al cuar[C]tel.

wil get you:



All alphabets and diacritics are allowed within a text block, but will be stored in code form to keep MusCAD-files 7-bit ascii.


Text block